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backup3G EnterpriseSmart, Simple and Cost Effective ! backup3G Enterprise is the most cost-effective enterprise-wide backup and recovery software product available for UNIX and Linux centric organisations that also need to manage MS Windows servers. It automates backup and recovery management in cross platform environments and supports UNIX Linux and Windows operating systems, Oracle, MS SQLServer and DB2 databases, robotic tape libraries, virtual tape libraries (VTL) and disk-to-disk backup.backup3G Enterprise incorporates policy based operations automation in addition to standard backup and recovery product functionality and is optimized for open-architecture environments particularly where Linux is being deployed as a strategic service delivery platform.backup3G Enterprise provides large companies, with a data backup and restore solution that combines open source flexibility, simple automated processes, smart central management, enterprise-class functionality, and low-cost subscription fees. Large companies with many servers typically have explosive data growth. There is tremendous burden to get the budget to purchase and manage complex and expensive backup and restore software. BIG don’t have to be expensive and complicated.

backup3G Enterprise addresses these challenges with an innovative approach through Pay-As-You-Use subscription licenses. Free up your cash flow by reducing your capital expenses!



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