Simpana Deduplication

Save on storage while reducing backup time

CommVault’s innovative 4th generation deduplication provides a consolidated, global end-to-end approach that is flexible, scalable and cost-effective. Whether protecting critical applications in the data center, remote office servers or on-the-go devices, the deduplication integrated into Simpana software reduces backup times while saving on storage and network resources.

Why Use Simpana Software Deduplication?

  • Save budget by using your choice of disk storage. Eliminate the need for expensive single-purpose appliances and never face another costly appliance fork-lift upgrade.
  • Deploy deduplication where it makes the most sense: at the source, on the target, or both. Operational flexibility is the key to maximizing value.
  • Extend deduplication benefits to disaster recovery by moving deduplicated copies of data to off-site storage or cloud. Deduplicated data can be moved to tape for long-term storage that uses dramatically fewer tape cartridges.
  • Restore data and applications faster without the need to re-calculate signatures, unlike appliance-based solutions.
  • Reduce network backup traffic by up to 90 percent, letting you eliminate or defer costly network upgrades.
  • Secure information with optional data encryption.
  • Optimize your environment with custom reporting capabilities.
  • Leverage a “Grid-based” approach of multiple deduplication nodes that provides scalability, resiliency and performance.

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