Simpana Replication

Increase Data Availability with Simpana® Replication

Simpana software delivers an integrated, single-platform approach to managing data replication no matter what your requirements are for data access, protection, recovery and compliance. This unique approach helps to ensure business continuity, reduce downtime and lower operational costs. Regardless of the underlying storage devices, Simpana software provides automated options to replicate data without impact to production systems. The result is hardware flexibility across both storage tiers and locations for either disk or cloud storage.

Benefits of Simpana® Replication

  • Reduce disaster recovery costs with hardware independent, software replication
  • Manage data retention independently of copy and location
  • Recreate full backup copies with minimal data movement while avoiding impact to server and network resources with deduplication-aware, synthetic full backup processes
  • Realize up to 50 percent reduction in storage related costs through automation, data deduplication and consolidation to a single data management platform



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