SMS partners with Aruba for Mobility Solutions:

Network Infrastructure

802.11ac Wireless LAN Access Points
Enterprise-grade 802.11ac and 802.11n APs deliver superb Wi-Fi performance to a wide range of indoor and outdoor WLAN environments. Offering flexible deployment options, they can be centrally managed by Mobility Controllers or operate in controllerless Aruba Instant mode

Remote Access Points

Easier to install than your home Wi-Fi network, Aruba RAPs provide a secure, always-on wired and wireless LAN connection back to the corporate network. Ideal for branch and home offices, RAPs also provide policy-based traffic forwarding, role-based security, and USB 3G/4G uplinks

Mobility Access Switches

Mobility Access Switches are a new class of product that brings context-based access to wired networks. Designed for wiring closets and branch offices, the Mobility Access Switches deliver secure access to users, independent of their location, access method, device or application.

VPN Clients

Virtual Intranet Access (VIA) client software is a VPN with a brain. It provides secure network connectivity for mobile devices. But unlike legacy VPNs, VIA automatically chooses the best connection and configures mobile device settings to ensure a most excellent user experience

Wireless Mesh Routers

Wireless LAN mesh routers deliver high-performance networking to the great outdoors where wired connections are impractical or unavailable. A multi-radio, multi-frequency design offers superb speed and reliability for Wi-Fi clients and voice, video and data backhaul.

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