Data Storage & Management

Daily business operations are generating large amounts of information, both paper and digital. The explosive growth in both storage technology and data adds a greater level of complexity, amplifying the need for efficient storage and data management solutions that address these challenges. At the same time, regulations and security mandates become more stringent, making organizations increasingly aware of the need to manage and protect their information.Organizations around the world face increasing obstacles in addressing the needs related to protecting and recovering information.SMS offers valuable and cost effective data storage and management solutions for organizations toprotect against:

  • Natural disasters
  • Hardware failures
  • Human error/sabotage
  • Viruses
  • Security breaches

Our data storage and management solutions ensure organizations are not left vulnerable to these elements and enables rapid recovery of data when it is needed. Our solutions range from offsite tape vaulting to simplifying heterogeneous server backups/recovery in complex storage networks (SAN), point-in-time recovery of databases, email archiving and availability, HSM (Hierarchical Storage Management), CDP (Continuous Data Protection) and disaster recovery. With our 10 years of experience in information, storage and data management, SMS is positioned to assist organizations to provide the right solution to help reduce the costs and risks associated with data lost, disaster recovery, compliance and preservation.
Our Data Storage & Management solutions help organisations to ensure the availability, accuracy, integrity and consistency of all file-systems and databases, including backup and recovery, data consolidation, disk optimization, media management and archival facilities.

Delivers a single platform for data protection

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