HR  Timesheets


The age-old problem of tracking and verifying employee work start and finish times, especially when the work is carried out in multiple locations, has now been addressed by new technology in an app called HR Timesheets, available from SMS. In many industries, such as government agencies, state or municipal councils, construction, professional services (legal and accounting), oil & gas and sales it is difficult to track exactly when an employee or a contractor clocked in and out, or even whether it was the right individual and not someone else performing the clocking in on his or her behalf
It is estimated that timesheet fraud represents 17% of all fraud suffered by organizations and costs employers millions of dollars in undeserved salary and contract payments. This type of fraud is a common cause of financial loss for employers in both the private and the public sectors. It has a negative effect on project management and resource planning activities and complicates the management of contract workers, especially those being paid by the hour at client or construction sites, where timesheets are used as the basis for calculating salary or contract fees. It requires both time and effort from management and HR departments to ensure that the time paid for was actually spent with the client or at a particular location. Stories abound of punch clocks being abused by having colleagues perform the clock-in and -out functions when one is late or even absent. The use of biometric scanners can be objected to on the basis of privacy concerns and law.
The HR Timesheets solution aims to eliminate this cost by supplying a verifiable way of ensuring that the employee or contractor actually turned up for work at the right location. With “Workplace 4.0” being embraced increasingly by organizations pursuing to adopt Industry 4.0 practices, mobility of employees and hence keeping track of their location and working hours takes on ever greater significance, as does the increase of risk from timesheet fraud.



  • Using secured QR codes at each location where employees or contractors work
  • Ability to generate QR codes by authorized individuals (usually in Human Resources departments) and placed either physically or virtually at the desired location
  • Employees and contractors scan the code upon entry for work and again upon leaving, using their registered mobile devices and 2FA (2-factor authorization)
  • Time and location stamps on the Blockchain for each employee/contractor
  • Automatic calculation of hours worked per 24-hour period
  • QR code validity for up to 1 month
  • Comprehensive on-demand reports on time and location per employee/contractor


  • Immutable time and location stamps on the Blockchain are auditable and cannot be altered or disputed
  • The HR Timesheets app can easily be integrated with existing HR and salary software applications via APIs
  • Elimination of timesheet fraud
  • Savings of costs, time and effort by supervisors, HR personnel and management
  • Elimination of punch-clocks and cards
  • Improved project management and resource planning capabilities
  • Ease of use and administration
  • Use of existing devices (Smartphones) for scanning of QR codes at no extra cost
  • Consistent with Workplace/Industry 4.0 practices