sentinel3G is an intelligent system and network monitor that delivers enterprise-wide performance and availability management of servers, databases, applications, remote services and network infrastructure in cross platform Unix, Linux and Microsoft Windows environments. It automates and simplifies performance management and reduces the time, effort and skill level required to monitor and manage service delivery.

Organizations using sentinel3G will be able to reduce system failures, minimize unscheduled downtimeand increase server and application availability .

When fully implemented, sophisticated local Knowledge Bases (KB) can quickly and easily be added to monitor and manage site specific resources and manage local service level requirements.

Key Features
sentinel3G’s features include:

  • agentless availability monitoring for non-critical hosts and IT services
  • finite state machine architecture that enables organizations to map monitoring states directly to service levels and replaces obscure terminology such as OK, warning and Alarm with meaningful customer defined service states.
  • Knowledge Bases that standardize the rules, responses and data needed to monitor service delivery elements and encapsulate specialist expertise and best practice. Pre configured Knowledge Bases are provided for standard environments. Site-specific Knowledge Bases can quickly and easily be customized.
  • role-based Windows GUI and X-based operations consoles that allow repetitive diagnostic and recovery operations to be delegated to less skilled staff. Consoles provide informative hierarchical and tabular displays, HTML procedure guidelines, authentication on operator actions and comprehensive audit logging.
  • host-based monitoring for mission critical servers that allows data collection, alerting and response management to operate during network outages.


  • improve customer service by enhancing the performance and availability of mission critical services
  • reduce operations costs by enabling a larger number of systems to be managed by the same number of staff
  • improve staff productivity by reducing avoidable errors and optimizing the use of IT staff and infrastructure
  • deploy solutions quickly using ~Sout the box~T functionality for standard environments and rapid customization for site-specific needs

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