Simpana Snapshot Recovery

Easy snapshot backup and recovery is here.

Despite the efficiency benefits of hardware array-based snapshots, their complexities pose IT with many challenges. Simpana® software IntelliSnap® technology integrates the complex lifecycle of snapshot management into one seamless framework. This integrated approach makes it quicker, easier and more affordable to harness the power of multiple vendor array-based snapshots, wildly accelerating backup and recovery of applications, systems, VMs and data.

Using CommVaults integrated approach means that administrators no longer need to create and maintain scripts and manage numerous storage arrays, technologies and products independently. The management, protection and recovery of application data across tiers of storage and tape becomes fast and simple and occurs without impacting production systems.

Top snapshot complexities

  1. Hard to integrate with applications and VMs
  2. Data isn’t indexed or searchable
  3. Fragmented snapshot management
  4. Complex recovery workflows
  5. Tough to move block snapshots to tape
“By 2016, 20% of organizations, up from 7% today, will employ only snapshot and replication techniques, abandoning traditional backup/recovery”. (Gartner 2014 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Software and Integrated Appliances)



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