Archive as a Service


Every enterprise, as part of its Data Governance policies, will need to archive some of its data for compliance and regulatory reasons, and possibly for historical reasons. The old days, where such documents had to be physically collated and taken offsite to a secure and properly climatized facility are long gone. Today, data that requires archiving for up to 7 years or longer can be stored in the cloud and retrieved on demand as and when needed by analysts, accountants or the legal team.

SMS is offering enterprises, large and small, Archive-as-a-Service in order to simplify and automate as much as possible the task of storing important data needed for compliance or other reasons in a secure storage in the cloud, in country if necessary or desired.

Available on a subscription basis, AaaS does not need Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) but can be used entirely fron an OPEX budget, in line with the IT industry’s direction away from expensive licenses to a scalable “pay-as-you-grow” model.

Features and Benefits

With a Data Management Platform in place (see DMPaaS), knowing what data to select, to index, to file and to archive is a breeze and knowing exactly where it is stored, while giving those who needed and are authorized to search and retrieve it via a self-service export feature, makes archiving no longer a chore but a simple routine task.

With AaaS in place, your enterprise will be compliance-ready in a very short time, assuming your data governance and data lifecycle management policies are firmly in place, allowing the whole archiving process, from selection to storing to retrieving, to be automated and to be offered as a  self-service to those authorized to access and view it. Copying those documents needed for legal reasons, e.g. as evidence in a court trial, can be performed using the export feature, and going through dozens of boxes stored in a warehouse will be a thing of the past.

Consistent enforcement of the data management policies concerning archiving will be automatic and based on configurable rules and settings. Any changes to those rules or settings are tracked for audit purposes, and when data has reached its expiry date, it can be quickly purged and any such deletions are tracked, timed, and recorded.

An easy-to-use interface that provides full reporting, visualization, and audit trail meets your archiving requirements in an efficient and transparent manner.

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