Helios is the global data and applications management tool embedded in the Cohesity data management platform, available as-a-Service from System Management Services Sdn Bhd (SMS).

Helios uses cutting-edge algorithms to proactively assess and automate It infrastructure resources.

With Helios you can easily move data and apps to any location for archiving, dev/test or analytics, while improving business continuity with instant, global mass restore of any app.


  • Unified dashboard to manage a multi-cluster environment with real-time monitoring and reporting
  • An easy-to-use navigation user interface
  • Automatic enforcement of global policies for all Cohesity clusters with a single aggregated view
  • Automatic scheduling and orchestrating of jobs and workloads
  • Compare and optimize infrastructure performance against peers with Helios industry benchmark data
  • Take automated corrective action for hard disk or power supply failures
  • Machine-driven insights to highlight resource inefficiencies or anomalies
  • Project storage utilization, data growth trends, and storage efficiency analysis
  • Advanced “sandbox” environment with additive regression models to evaluate future scenarios affecting storage capacity, configuration, and resource efficiency
  • Machine-driven root cause analysis and troubleshooting
  • Ransomware detection


  • Simplified enforcement of global policies to meet Service Level Objectives (SLO)
  • See how you’re performing against peers in your industry
  • Make informed, data-driven decisions to outperform your peers
  • Gain peace of mind knowing that Helios can automate corrective action for failure of specified system resources
  • Ability to proactively prevent downtime and alert if inadequate resource capacity
  • Proactively evaluate impact of new workload, configuration changes, and work processes
  • Automatic compliance monitoring and reporting

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