Operational Intelligence


Splunk, available as a service from System Management Services Sdn Bhd (SMS) is a platform for real-time operational intelligence and machine data for IT, Security and business users.

Machine data has emerged as the fastest growing and most complex area of Big Data and is sourced from all systems and infrastructure resources that exist in the enterprise: applications, databases, servers, network, mobiles, IOT sensors, web, on-prem or in-cloud. Splunk also detects and investigates security incidents proactively. In short, it makes all machine data accessible, usable, visible and valuable.

The prime purposes of Splunk are to monitor systems, infrastructure and defined KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in order to identify any issues before they impact the running of your business, as well as to gain insights into trends, activity patterns, behaviour of customers, systems and transactions so you can take proactive data-driven actions.


  • Collect, identify, index, search, monitor and analyze machine data from any source in real time
  • Trouble-shoot problems and investigate security incidents
  • Monitor end-to-end infrastructure, making machine data visible and usable
  • Intuitive easy-to-use interface
  • Integrates with Microsoft Active Directory
  • Hundreds of API’s and add-ons available from the Splunk Library
  • Triggers emails, executes remediation scripts, posts RSS feeds, and generates service desk tickets
  • Ability to set granular alerts based on a variety of thresholds, complex patterns, and trend conditions (such as abandoned shopping carts, brute force attacks, or fraud scenarios)
  • Powerful reports and dashboards, both customizable
  • Role-based security for access controls, auditability and assured data integrity
  • Scalable SaaS model (up to hundreds of TB per day)


  • Ability to avoid service degradation or outages
  • Gain visibility and insights of operational intelligence for better understanding and proactive decision-making
  • Automatically detect patterns across massive datasets and multiple data sources
  • Create visual timeline of events, trends and spikes for real-time response
  • Ability to add context and meaning to machine data
  • Create powerful reports and dashboards for senior business executives
  • Empower every IT user to analyze machine data, increasing overall productivity
  • Ability to drill down into machine data to find the proverbial “needle in a haystack”
  • Improve your overall infrastructure security
  • Available on cost-effective subscription basis without capital expenditure

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