SMS is proud to be one of the first IT companies to bring the Cohesity Data Platform to the Malaysian marketplace.

Data Management has emerged as the single most important challenge for today’s IT Manager, CIO or even CDO (Chief Data Officer). Cohesity is here to re-invent data management by bringing smartphone-like simplicity to the enterprise. The data challenges facing the industry can be summarized as follows

  • Consolidating the data fragmentation caused by silos onto a single platform to make management simple and efficient at lower cost (TCO)
  • Making data visible via a real-time dashboard, search and indexing facilities, global deduplication, and hyper-convergence (all workloads, data and apps on a single platform)
  • Protecting data, mitigating risk while enabling compliance and resilience

Cohesity Data Platform does all this by bringing smartphone-like simplicity to the enterprise IT Department with a single multi-purpose platform, a unified GUI, and the ability to download and run a host of apps to extract value from the data at hand.

In addition, Cohesity has the tools to perform digital analytics, streamlining development and testing, backup, archiving and file-sharing. It integrates native clouds (AWS, Azure and Local), is multi-protocol, supports native applications by letting them run directly on the platform, and even offers a 3rd party marketplace for apps.

SMS is making all of the above available to Malaysian enterprises with unlimited scale-out performance and capacity on a “pay-as-you-grow” incremental investment basis.


The Cohesity platform is made available from a local cloud managed by SMS providing all the platform features to SMS clients on a unique payment basis with no capital investment.

Specific solutions for Dev/Test, Backup, Archive, File-Share – all protected against the most vicious of malware ransomware.

Hyper-convergence, global deduplication, native cloud integration, unified global management, Machine-Language-driven operational insights, native application support, optimized storage – all designed to simplify the extraction of value from an enterprise’s most valuable asset: Data!


By using the Cohesity platform from SMS, enterprises can expect the following benefits

  • Reducing mass data fragmentation onto a single platform giving total visibility
  • Bringing smartphone-like simplicity to enterprise data management
  • Reducing total cost of ownership by up to 70%
  • Ensuring compliance for your particular industry and regulator
  • Gaining the ability to extract value from data with a marketplace of apps
  • Incremental investments commensurate with your growth, performance and capacity requirements
  • No capital investment (CAPEX) needed