Cloud Provisioning

While Virtualization and Cloud Computing are two separate technologies, they are closely related. Virtualization is the fundamental technology that powers cloud computing.

Cloud computing is the delivery of shared computing resources, software or data, as a service on demand through the Internet.

Cloud Provisioning is the process of how a user procures these shared resources and services from a cloud provider. SMS has 3  cloud computing partners and is working closely with each one of them to ensure that the SMS customer gets a satisfactory cloud computing service and adequate resources at a pre-defined performance level.

The 3 SMS Cloud Provider partners are Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) for globally available cloud provisioning and Cloudify for local Malaysian cloud services for those customers who require or prefer to have their data kept within Malaysia.

Microsoft Azure and AWS are the world’s leading cloud providers, whereas Cloudify is one of the leading cloud providers in Malaysia.

Whether you want to take advantage of cloud computing from market leaders but haven’t made up your mind yet with which one or whether you have already selected your preferred cloud vendor, SMS has the experience and expertise to connect you to the cloud and to enable you to benefit from the many advantages that cloud computing has to offer. 

You can experiment first by backing up your enterprise and personal data to the cloud and have it available on demand, regardless of your physical environment. A second useful application may be Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS), using the cloud as your recovery site with pay-as-you-use, scalable resources being instantly available. The ultimate cloud provisioning is for those who are ready to shut down their physical Data Centres and move their total IT operations to the cloud and adopt what has been called the SDDC (the Software-Defined Data Centre).

Regardless of your needs, requirements, savings and performance objectives, SMS can provide you with relevant advice, technical know-how, and competitive pricing to select the provider and the service that best satisfies your vision of cloud computing for your articular enterprise.

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