Virtualization is a fact of life in today’s data centres in enterprises of all sizes. While we are all familiar with VMs (Virtual Machines), the term is not limited to the creation of a virtual server but can also refer to other resources, such as, desktop, operating system, file, storage or network.

The main advantage of virtualization is to make traditional computing more scalable, more flexible and less expensive. It has been around for several decades but is applied today to a much wider wider range of resources and its adoption rate has been widespread throughout the world.

Virtualization software separates compute environments from physical infrastructures, so you can run multiple operating systems and applications simultaneously on the same machine. For example, if you do most of your work on a Mac but use select applications that are exclusive to PCs, you can run Windows on a virtual machine to get access to those applications without having to switch computers.

Virtualization has many practical applications. For software developers, virtualization allows them to test out their applications on different environments without having to set up several different computers. If the application crashes on the virtual machine, they can simply close and restart the virtual machine to a previous state without causing damage to their computer.

One of the biggest benefits of virtualization is sever consolidation. Instead of maintaining multiple servers that each have a different function, server virtualization allows you to split the resources of a single server for multiple purposes. Often server resources are underutilized, resulting in businesses spending too much on server upkeep for a little output.

System Management Services Sdn Bhd (SMS) has been involved in virtualization projects for nearly 2 decades and works with the world’s 3 leading companies renowned for their expertise in this field: VMWare, Microsoft and Nutanix. All three have high performance hypervisors and SMS can provide recommendations to enterprise IT departments not just for selection but also for installation, operations and backups of VMs and virtual storage systems.

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