Having a consolidated Data Management Platform enables the application testing and development teams who develop the apps for business transformation to be more agile and to accelerate their development work by giving them access to high quality test data while simultaneously reducing costs.

The platform spans public clouds and on-prem environments, reduces complexity, data sprawl and unnecessary copies of test data, enables data masking and provides control and visibility of data, while maintaining security and compliance requirements.

Using the Data-Platform-as-a-Service from System Management Services Sdn Bhd (SMS) empowers test and development teams to instantly provision zero-cost clones on a single web-scale platform while reducing application code errors by increasing test coverage accuracy.

In-built security features discover cyber threats proactively and avoid injecting known or previously addressed vulnerabilities.

For further information or to experience the Test/Dev benefits of a single data management platform, please click here for an obligation-free trial or discussion on how your enterprise can take advantage of these innovative features for your testing and application development teams.