Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

As a Backup & Recovery expert for over 2 decades, Systems Management Services Sdn Bhd (SMS) is no stranger to disaster recovery and business continuity planning (BCP). As soon as SMS ventured into the cloud computing space, offering Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service was a natural progression.

The big advantage of DRaaS is of course the replacement of a physical recovery site (usually a second Data Centre) with a cloud-based recovery site, which is not only much cheaper but also offers more flexibility, faster recovery times (now measured in minutes rather than days or hours), and greater assurance due to the ease of testing the disaster recovery plan (DRP).

The 3 SMS cloud provisioning partners (MS-Azure, AWS and Cloudify) are all ready to accommodate your disaster recovery requirements. Microsoft has its own Azure Recovery Site (ASR) technology, ably matched by AWS Cloud-Endure, and SMS can tailor your recovery solution to match your business requirements, recovery-time objectives (RTO), recovery-point objectives (RPO), budget constraints, and performance needs to ensure peace of mind, should the unthinkable happen and your enterprise suffers a prolonged outage or loses availability of computing resources.

As the experts in this field, we invite both new and existing customers to approach us for an obligation-free discussion to discover your requirements and to explore what options are available to craft a suitable disaster recovery plan for your IT installation, regardless of size, RTO, RPO, or budget.

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