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Most medium and large enterprise ICT systems users are spending as much as 60% of their ICT infrastructure budget on human resources, primarily in operations and support personnel. These heterogeneous ICT infrastructure environments of Linux, UNIX and Windows also suffer from pressure to lower budgets, pressure to downsize staff, a lack of relevant skills in the marketplace, a constant requirement to improve service levels and an ever increasing level of complexity to manage.One of the major challenges in the current economic climate lies in the continuing shift from natural resources to human capital. This means that ICT solutions that improve human productivity will be increasingly valued throughout the period. To overcome these challenges, there must be solutions that can enable organizations to manage all of their ICT infrastructure resources that participate in the delivery of an organization’s products and services. It must provide a complete coverage of the ICT infrastructure from servers, networks, applications, databases to the Internet. The need to manage the ICT infrastructure resources effectively in organizations have propelled ICT infrastructure solutions and related services to be one of the most important ICT solutions in the future.CIOs/ICT System Managers are left to find their way through this maze with limited exposure to accumulated industry expertise and they feel that it is a typical up-hill battle with no end in sight. There is a wealth of knowledge available that would help CIOs/ICT System Managers work through these problems and lower their TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), but how do they gain access to it?System Management Services (SMS) can provide the answers  ICT Infrastructure solutions, Managed Services and value added Linux, UNIX and Windows software tools based, on our proven expertise in ICT infrastructure management.