DC Design & Construction

In the area of facilities management, SMS can assist customers in the design, setup and construction of new data centers, through our Data Center Design & Construction services.

With our profound understanding and vast experience of data center engagements, we make sure that the data center projects not only meet the planned development schedule, but also provide each and every element on time, within budget and meeting the customer’s requirements.

Our qualified and experienced resources, coupled with our sound project management practices, ensure that the customers get quality and superior data center setups.

Generally, our services in the construction of new data centers consist of the following facility components for the data center:

  • UPS System.
  • Precision Air-conditioning System.
  • Raised Access Floor System.
  • Electrical Installation.
  • Fire Suppression System.
  • Environmental Monitoring System.
  • Builder’s Works/ID.
  • Generator Set.
  • Access Control Systems