DC/DRC Operations Audit & Assessment

Data Center Operations Audit

Many organisations implement system management solutions to help them simplify, automate, and manage their data center operations more effectively and efficiently. But it is a common failure for many of them to not look at what could be improved after such implementations.
Being a system management specialist, SMS provides Data Center Operations Audit services as part of our professional services offering.
Our Data Center Operations Audit engagement is an extensive one that offers a complete and comprehensive study on the customer’s Data Center operations. The objective of such engagement is to assess and study the customer’s Data Center operations, that is, to identify the issues and areas of concern faced with day-to-day Data Center operations.
At the conclusion of the exercise, the customer shall receive documentation on findings and recommendations to address those issues and concerns. A briefing and presentation to the customer’s management will be conducted to present the findings and recommendations.
Our approach for the Data Center Operations Audit calls for the use of consultants experienced in the business industries and IT management. Our consultants for this exercise have more than 20 years of experience in consulting and project implementations for business and IT management

Data Center Operations Assessment

Customer’s IT environment does not stay stagnant – it changes from time to time. New servers may be added, some existing servers may be taken out of commission, applications and databases are upgraded, there are new IT staff in the department, and so forth, which will affect the operations of the system management implementations and their corresponding policies & procedures.
SMS understands this very well, and therefore, we provide Data Center Operation Assessment – a periodic value-added service designed to help customers manage their system management implementations more effectively and efficiently in a long run.
Our Periodic Data Center Operations Assessment services consist of 2 components:

Event Scope
Scheduled Reviews Periodic reviews and health-check services of system management implementations. This is in view of the constant change of the customers’ systems configurations/specifications/requirements.Scope of services include:

  • Conduct workshop to review System Management Policies & Procedures documented by SMS.
  • Update documentation of Policies & Procedures and the relevant handbooks.
  • Re-configuration of products to meet new requirements.
  • Housekeep existing configurations.
Education & Training Periodic training or refresher courses on software products and/or documentation (Policies & Procedures, Operations Handbook, etc.).This is to ensure that there exists a retention of knowledge on the operations of the system management implementation.

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