The NetApp E5500 data storage system delivers excellent performance efficiency in application-driven environments.
You can improve operational efficiency, reduce data centre footprint and maintain high availability. The performance-efficient NetApp® E5500 SAN storage system meets demanding performance and capacity requirements without sacrificing simplicity and efficiency.
Support high-IOPS mixed workloads and databases, high-performance file systems and bandwidth-intensive streaming applications via the E5500. NetApp patent-pending Dynamic Disk Pools (DDP), a SANtricity® feature, simplifies traditional RAID management by distributing data parity information and spare capacity across a pool of drives.
The modular flexibility of the E-Series – with three disk drive/controller shelves, multiple drive types and a complete selection of interfaces – lets you optimise and scale custom configurations as needed. Use the maximum storage density of the E5500 to reduce rack space by up to 60%, power use by up to 40% and cooling requirements by up to 39%.
Backed by NetApp’s 20+ years of storage-development experience, the E5500 provides a field-proven architecture with high reliability and 99.999% availability.
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