Simpana 9 Backup and Recovery software is the foundation of a modern data management solution. And a modern solution allows users to better manage information assets, recover data more quickly, and ultimately save money over loosely integrated, legacy solutions.
CommVault optimized Simpana 9 software in order to protect data and information assets wherever they reside; physical, virtual, and in the cloud. It delivers a truly unified approach that helps users achieve dramatic results.

  • Reduce data protection costs by as much as 50 percent.
  • Protect 500 virtual machines in less than 17 minutes.
  • Cut the backup window in half.
  • Recover data and applications near instantaneously.
  • Transfer 90 percent less data across the network.
  • Seamlessly extend data protection to the cloud, and back.
  • Move from legacy backup solutions to Simpana 9 in days, not weeks.


Optimized Backup and Recovery

Simpana 9 is optimized to protect virtual platforms, and is equipped to support and scale with the massive changes going on inside the data center. Specialized data backup solution tools often miss the broader needs of heterogeneous environments. But Simpana 9, with its support for multiple hypervisors, helps users protect hundreds of VMs in minutes and easily scales to thousands of VMs and physical servers.
Simpana 9 is optimized to protect and recover applications and databases, fast. Significantly reduce production impact and achieve near instant recovery with automated, policy driven SnapProtect technology for both physical and virtual environments. Users can also leverage existing storage investments to significantly reduce backup windows and speed recovery from any data protection tier.
Simpana 9 is optimized for data reduction. CommVault was the first backup software provider to fully integrate data deduplication into its solution. Today, CommVault builds on that leadership with its Gen 3 deduplication capabilities. Users can reduce data at the source by 90 percent, cut their backup window, significantly reduce bandwidth requirements and still integrate with key data management operations like snapshots, data archiving solutions, search, encryption, and direct recovery from deduplicated tape.
Simpana 9 is optimized for data protection in the cloud. CommVault led the market by enabling native cloud storage connectors that eliminate scripting and cloud gateway appliances. These connectors work in concert with deduplication to reduce bandwidth and capacity costs, and leverage encryption for secure delivery and storage. No major software vendor currently offers integrated cloud storage connectors and a full suite of data backup solutions and management capabilities like CommVault.


Take a Fast Pass to Modern Data Backup Solutions & Management

CommVault enables users of outdated, legacy business backup software move to Simpana 9 in a matter of days, not weeks. We make it easier than ever for enterprise tape backup software users like Symantec NBU and IBM TSM customers to modernize. Simpana 9 discovery agents can find and report on client assets, policy, and job details. Legacy backup agents can be automatically converted to Simpana software agents, eliminating many of the technical challenges associated with changing software. Finally, users can elect to use capacity-based licensing and a variety of service options to make the switch even simpler.

The Bottom Line Robust, Reliable, Cost Effective Data Protection

Simpana 9 Backup and Recovery software is a robust suite of data management capabilities built on a truly unified platform. Users dramatically simplify their data protection operations and when combined; these translate into more reliable data protection. Many users report they have shortened backup windows, improved overall backup success rates, and reduced management costs at the same time.
See how Simpana 9 Backup and Recovery will be your bridge to truly unified data protection. Please investigate our detailed solution material on this site, contact a sales representative, and take a fast pass to modern data management.
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