Total Outsourcing Services

SMS believes that outsourcing to a service provider is an investment that reduces loss. Will an organisation save money by keeping all of its operations in-house? We believe that it can cost more, especially in the cost of not getting things done right. Working with a service provider like SMS can consolidate an organisation’s disaster recovery investment into a monthly payment that is visible to the management. Compare this cost to the cost of assembling and training an in-house team. An organisation can re-purposes existing office space as a disaster recovery facility or invest in a new facility. But there are considerable costs to equip the facility to become a fully functioning data center and to protect it against its disasters or disruptions but it’s hardly or never put to use. Disaster recovery should be seen an investment rather than an expense. And the return on the investment can perhaps be measured in the speed and success of a recovery and the losses that may be prevented by outsourcing to a service provider like SMS.
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