webscout3G is a an intelligent web application monitor that pro-actively probes the availability, performance and security of web based applications and alerts IT staff if service concerns exceed acceptable limits. It operates as a Virtual Client that performs the same steps in a business process that a real client would, enabling IT departments and service providers to take a customer-centric view of their electronic service delivery environment and see themselves as others see them.

Key Features
webscout3G’s key features include:

  • performs pre determined availability, performance and security checks at regular, user defined intervals
  • supports single URLs (HTTP and HTTPS); HTTPS URLs with login and multi-step web transactions
  • checks SSL certificates for authenticity and currency
  • ensures multi step web transactions cannot be accessed midway through
  • ensures HTTPS transaction must use HTTPS
  • ensures hostnames are resolved to expected IP addresses
  • verifies web applications are valid by checking a hidden ID
  • email, pager and SMS notification


  • Improved customer service through pro-active monitoring and measurement of web application performance from a customer viewpoint.
  • Improved reliability and integrity of web based applications through regular automated security monitoring
  • Reduced downtime through early detection and instant notification of availability, performance or security issues
  • Deployment on low cost open source platforms that can be installed in as many locations as needed to provide an end-to-end performance view of the electronic service delivery environment

More Information

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