Backup4G Solution Suite


backup4G is an enterprise-wide open source software for backup and recovery of networked computers. Our software protects servers, workstations and desktops running various versions of Linux, UNIX, BSD and Microsoft Windows operating systems.
backup4G as a software, can cater for a wide spectrum of customers; from SOHO to large multinationals.Data backup needs and requirements defer from small to large companies and we are able cater for them through the innovative integration of emerging technologies such as cloud services and storage.
backup4G solution suite comprises of backup4G Enterprise, backup4G Appliance and backup4G Cloud.

Key Features

backup4G provides all the features expected of a backup and recovery product used in UNIX, Linux and MS Windows data centres, including:

  • Network-wide backup and recovery of UNIX, Linux and MS Windows servers
  • Flexible backup job scheduling
  • Management of automated tape libraries and VTLs
  • Integrated media management
  • Multi volume backups
  • Multi stream backups
  • Drive pooling
  • Media duplication
  • Role based security for product access
  • Role based security for backup job access, media access and recovery access
  • Comprehensive backup management and service level reports
  • Intelligent backup of Oracle databases
  • Backup and recovery of data to and from a local UNIX tape drive, a remote UNIX tape drive, a local
  • Windows tape drive and a remote Windows tape drive
  • Tape Library management across a wide range of media technologies and operates with all major tape library vendors


backup4G provides a secure, policy-based backup and recovery environment that includes the following benefits:

  • Improved customer service through consistent and reliable backup management
  • Increased staff productivity via delegation of routine and repetitive backup management tasks to lower cost staff
  • Enhanced information security through implementation of policy based backup and recovery strategies
  • that enhance data availability, data security and auditability
  • Reduced operations costs through a reduction in avoidable errors and improved disaster-recovery capabilities
More Information
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